Study In New Zealand For International Students

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Study In New Zealand For International Students

Study In New Zealand For International Students

There are 8 officially recognized universities in New Zealand. If you want to study in a safe and secure environment, New Zealand is an excellent destination. They have an enormously diverse and global standard education system. New Zealand ranked in seventh position as the best education system. If you are wondering why it will be good to study in New Zealand for international students, don’t skip this article.

Why Study In New Zealand?

Curious about why study in New Zealand for international students is such a compelling choice among many countries? Allow us to unveil the reasons why you should consider New Zealand for your education!

High-Quality Education System

New Zealand offers a high-quality education system in its universities.

Their equitable and standard education involves critical thinking, learning to work with others, and imparting relevant skills & knowledge.

Globally Recognized Universities And Institutions

New Zealand has eight globally recognized universities. International students from different countries with diverse ethnic backgrounds can learn from here.

They will have a wide range of research opportunities to generate new ideas, imagination, and innovations.

Safe And Welcoming Environment

Do you know New Zealand is the 2nd safest country in the world? They have a minimal rate of violence, crimes, and natural disasters.

Internation students will get a more productive and fruitful experience as there is strict legislation to keep students safe.

Natural Beauty And Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Are you a nature lover? New Zealand is enriched with many stunning natural beauties.

Their sandy beaches, thermal springs, towering mountains, lush native forests, clear blue lakes, and a good number of glaciers and active volcanoes will surely amaze you.

Cultural Diversity And Indigenous Heritage

New Zealand is a multicultural nation. This fifth most ethnically diverse country has a mixture of European, Asian, Māori, and Samoan cultures.

They have a Maori heritage, which is reflected in the Kiwi culture of indigenous people.

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New Zealand Education System

Students who want to study abroad in New Zealand can be familiar with different education levels.

Levels Of Education

New Zealand offers different programs for international students

  • Undergraduate (Agriculture, Medicine, Business Studies, Animation, IT, Hospitality, Engineering, etc.)
  • Postgraduate (Economics, Business, Tourism, Finance, Management, etc.)
  • Research programs (Accountancy, Architecture Engineering, Health Sciences, Finance Management, etc.)

Types Of Institutions

New Zealand has various kinds of Institutions, such as —

  • Universities: Research-focused institutions, indigenous universities, practical and vocational education, etc.
  • Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs): High-quality vocational qualifications.
  • Private Training Establishments (PTEs): Training and professional qualifications.

Academic Calendar And Intakes

New Zealand Universities have two semesters.

Semester Name

Semester Season

Month duration

Week Duration

Semester 1


March/ April to July

Around 15 weeks

Semester 2


August to December

Around 15 weeks

Quality Assurance And Accreditation

New Zealand has a separate institution called The Academic Quality Agency.

It is responsible for strong quality assurance systems and accreditation of all New Zealand universities.

Popular Study Destinations in New Zealand

The following are the most popular places to study in New Zealand.


Do you want to study in a city where you can be engaged in various academic, sporting, and leisure activities? If so, Auckland is the best destination.

Auckland has many beautiful places to visit, such as —

  • Rotoroa Island: A wildlife sanctuary and conservation island
  • Auckland Botanic: A paradise for plants
  • Mount Eden: 360-degree views of Auckland
  • One Tree Hill: A coastline city



Do you want to live in a beautiful, safe city? If so, Wellington is an excellent choice.

This compact, walkable city has the best education system and is perfect for personal security.

Wellington has many attractive areas to explore, such as —

  • Museum of New Zealand: Views of Country’s identity, history, and culture
  • Maritime Museum: A valuable historical, cultural, and educational institution
  • The Beehive: A classic behind-the-scenes insight into politics
  • Zealandia: The first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary


Christchurch is a perfect location for students who want to study & work and lead a relaxing and stimulating lifestyle.

This city is bestowed with many beautiful spots, including —

  • Avon River: A calm river with an elegant surrounding environment
  • Orana Wildlife Park: The ultimate animal adventure
  • Hagley Park: wide-open spaces and mature woodlands


Do you want unique learning experiences – inside and outside the classroom?

Dunedin is a perfect destination to study in related science programs or learn strong research-based academics.

Dunedin has many beautiful places to visit, such as —

  • Otago Peninsula: A magnificent world-famous marine wildlife
  • Tunnel Beach: Stunning views of sandstone cliffs, arches, and unique rocks
  • Taiaroa Head: A perfect landscape and breeding site

Other Notable Cities And Regional Study Options

International students can also study in Nelson, Palmerston North, Hamilton, and Lincoln.

If you want to enjoy the laid-back Kiwi culture, as well as the scenery, wines, beaches, and sunny weather, Nelson is a perfect location.

International students who dream of working in the world's most admired companies can study at Hamilton-based universities.

Admission Process For International Students

Admission Process For International Students

Do you know about the requirements to study in New Zealand for international students?

The following are the essential criteria you must meet to study in this country.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to get a bachelor's degree from any New Zealand university, you must have at least NCEA Level 3 or New Zealand year 13 academic qualification.

Besides, international students need a minimum score in GME or GMAT to study for any graduate programs.

Language Proficiency Tests

  • International students need a minimum of 5.5 IELTS band scores to study at any New Zealand university.
  • Alternatively, at least 80% TOEFL score for bachelor's degrees and 90% TOEFL score for master's degrees are needed to study at any New Zealand university.

Application Procedures

  • Choose your preferred university and particular courses you want to study.
  • Visit the official website to learn about the requirements to study at the university.
  • Prepare all essential documents and submit everything within the deadlines.

Student Visa Requirements And Process

Do you have any idea about New Zealand study visa requirements for international students?

International students need a valid student visa to study, live, and work in New Zealand.

Submitting various important documents is necessary, such as a valid passport copy, an offer from the Kiwi universities, proof of income and paid tuition fees, evidence of financial support to cover living expenses, etc.

Scholarships And Financial Aid

Wondering whether it is possible to study in New Zealand for free for international students?

International students can get various types of financial support to study in New Zealand.

Government-funded Scholarships

The New Zealand Government offers various types of scholarships to international students, such as —

  • Pacific Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • ASEAN Scholar Awards
  • Development Scholarships
  • Short-Term Training Scholarships

University-specific Scholarship

Various universities in New Zealand provide different scholarships to international students, such as

  • Thesis Scholarship
  • International Taught Master Merit Scholarships
  • International Student Excellence Scholarships
  • Tongarewa Scholarship, ADB Scholarships

External Funding Opportunities

Apart from study in New Zealand scholarships for international students, eligible international students can apply for Grants, Fellowships, and other external funding options.

You can get student loans for course fees, course-related and living costs.

But you must fulfill the Study Link’s funding criteria, such as studying full- or part-time for your enrolment period.

Cost Of Living And Student Accommodation

Cost Of Living And Student Accommodation

Wondering about the cost of studying in New Zealand for international students? Let’s learn about them!

Estimated Living Expenses

The average monthly living cost for an international student in New Zealand is around 1,500 NZD.

The annual living expenses will be around —

  • 18,000–25,000 NZD for North Island
  • 15,000–20,000 NZD for South Island.

Accommodation Options

There are various types of accommodation options for international students in New Zealand, such as

  • Residence Halls
  • Private Boarding
  • Homestay
  • Apartment Living
  • Student Dorms

The average monthly accommodation cost is around NZD 800–NZD 950 per month.

Tips For Managing Finances

International students must know how to manage their money to avoid financial issues.

It can harm their studies due to financial stress. You will have to work more to earn more.

  • Set up a self-enforced budget and find effective ways to buy essential items and supplies.
  • Automate your savings and track your expenses.
  • Cook at home and on a budget. Enroll in a meal plan, too.

Student Support Services

The following are the common support services New Zealand universities provide.

Orientation And Integration Programs

Various types of orientation and integration programs are held in New Zealand universities.

Make sure to attend different orientation programs for families with the university's services and offered courses.

Also, participating in different integrated programs will help you fully integrate into the New Zealand university.

Health And Well-Being Services

New Zealand universities offer various healthcare and well-being services to provide primary medical and psychological care.

Their services include doctor and nurse consultations, sexual health, illness management, prescriptions, etc.

Academic support and counseling

New Zealand universities offer academic support services, which include advising students.

They also provide various resources to make studies easier and more effective, such as separate rooms or labs to learn from practical experiences.

Besides, they provide various counseling services to develop social skills, address mental health issues, and promote better academic success.

Career Services And Employment Opportunities

International students will also get different career services from New Zealand universities to explore career options and find jobs easily.

It will also help you develop professional soft skills like leadership and communication.

You will able to navigate your career path and make better self-assessments.

Work Rights and Job Opportunities

Work Rights and Job Opportunities

Do you want to work after study in New Zealand for international students? Here are potential job opportunities for international students.

Part-Time Work Options

International students can work up to 20 hours a week in New Zealand.

On average, they can earn up to NZD 20 per hour through part-time employment.

Students can do part-time jobs, such as pet sitters, virtual assistants, transcriptionists, lab technicians, retail sales assistants, waiters/servers, etc.

Post-study Work Visa Options

Are you looking for job opportunities after studying for international students in New Zealand?

If you have studied for more than 30 weeks, you can work for up to 3 years in New Zealand.

However, it may vary depending on study level, study duration, and academic & professional qualification. 

Job Prospects And Industries In Demand

If your study degree is 7 or above, you can work in any sector. However, students who have a non-degree level 7 or below can work only in relevant fields or sectors.

There is a strong IT and tech industry in New Zealand. If you are an expert in these fields, you can work in data analysis, software development, or cybersecurity in this field.

Cultural And Lifestyle Experiences

International students can learn about the cultures and lifestyles of New Zealand while studying in New Zealand.

New Zealand culture and lifestyle

New Zealand is mainly a mix of European, Māori, and Asian cultures. Their most unique cultures are Māori food, language, and customs.

You can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with great career opportunities in New Zealand.

They have an enviable work-life balance, where they spend a reasonable amount of time on recreational activities.

Outdoor Activities And Sports

You can do various outdoor activities in New Zealand, such as cycling, skydiving, canoeing, white water rafting, jumping, kayaking, ice climbing, etc.

International students can play different adventure sports, such as jet boating, sailing, zip lining, glacier flights, bungy jumping, zip lining, etc.

Maori Culture And Traditions

There are various values, customs, and practices in Maori culture, including kapa haka  (group activities), tā moko (tattoo), raranga (weaving), whakairo, and kowhaiwhai (patterns)

International students must respect, preserve, and promote these rich cultures and steeped while staying in New Zealand.

Festivals And Events

Dozens of cultural festivals in New Zealand are commonly celebrated during holidays.

It includes Parihaka Peace, Rhythm and Vines, Victorian Fete, Māori Kai, World Buskers, Womad, Rhythm, Alps, etc.

Their most popular event is the Auckland Folk Festival, which lasts three days.

Natural Wonders and Travel Opportunities

New Zealand is the second most beautiful place, with a natural beauty score of 7.27 out of 10. Let’s learn why!

Stunning Landscapes And National Parks

New Zealand has many beautiful landscapes, such as Milford Sound, Mount Taranaki, Waitomo Caves, The Coromandel, Moeraki Boulders, Cape Reinga, Lake Wakatipu, etc.

Besides, the country has 13 national parks, including Mount Cook, Tongariro, Abel Tasman, Fiordland, Westland Tai Poutini, Mount Aspiring, Nelson Lakes, Arthur's Pass, etc.

Adventure Tourism

Visiting adventure places can help you improve your physical and mental health.

New Zealand has many adventure spots, such as Queenstown, Auckland, West Coast, Rotorua, Wanaka, Coromandel, Tongariro, South Island, Canterbury, Te Anau, etc.

Tips For A Successful Study Experience

The following are practical tips you can implement while completing your graduate or postgraduate studies in New Zealand for international students.

Pre-departure preparations

  • Make sure to gather the minimum idea about the local culture, customs, weather, and lifestyle you will study.
  • Organize your necessary documents and personal belongings and pack them smartly.
  • Plan your finances and contact your friends, family members, or peers who might be studying abroad in the same location.

Cultural Adaptation And Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Stay open-minded to new cultures, traditions, and ways of living from various backgrounds.
  • Observe their interaction, behavior, and communication style to adapt to the new environment.
  • Participate in local events, festivals, and activities to learn about cultures and lifestyles better.

Balancing Academics And Personal Life

  • Set priorities and clear academic goals.
  • Balance your academic commitments with personal interests and activities.
  • If you have financial issues, work in your free time. But make sure not to hamper your studies.

Building A Network And Making Friends

  • Attend orientation events and join clubs & societies to make new friends from different backgrounds.
  • Grow your networking cycle as much as you can.
  • Approach a positive attitude, be friendly, and be respectful towards others to make strong relationships.


Are you still wondering about the benefits of studying in New Zealand for international students?

Their diverse & vibrant culture, high-quality education, safe & welcoming environment, stunning natural beauty, and good work opportunities give you enough reasons to study here.

It will be an excellent decision to study in New Zealand for international students as a wide range of academic programs with a top-notch education system.

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