Navigate Your Career Shift with Financial Support from Student Finance England

Have you planned to shift to a completely different field that is not relevant to your past major subject? Are you considering enrolling in a second-degree program? If yes, you might qualify for financial support from Student Finance England (SFE). 


What Is A Second-Degree Loan?  

A second-degree loan is special funding for students who have already obtained an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the UK or any other country but want to get a new educational degree from another subject.

You can't get a second-degree loan for all subjects. It is limited to a particular list of subjects. These selected courses aim to enhance the skilled workforce in specified industries. Plus, you need the Government's approval to study this subject in the UK.

How Does A Second Degree Loan Work? 

Students must use Student Finance England (SFE), which is a main service provider of Student Loans Company, to request a loan for a second-degree loan. You may have a similar to it while getting the first-degree loan.

Once the student loan company accepts your request, you are entitled to get the funds. They will pay your course fees directly to your university or college where you are doing your second degree.


Am I Entitled To A Second Degree Loan? 

There are some limited situations that make you eligible for a second-degree loan. Apart from fulfilling some standard criteria for a second-degree loan, you must conform to either of these statements:

  • You are studying as a part-time student in an honours degree in engineering, science, nursing or technology.
  • You are applying to a healthcare course after 1 August 2017. However, any dental therapy and dental hygiene are not included in this list.

How Much Money Can I Borrow For My Second Degree?

The sum borrowed for a second degree relies on various factors. You are only getting this financial support to pay the tuition fees. There won't be any loan for the living expenses when you are doing a second degree. If you are getting a second bachelor's degree, the loan amount can't be more than £57,500 in your lifetime as per federal student loans. But subsidized student loans can't be more than £23,000.

Indeed, you must repay the entirety of the borrowed funds along with interest. It doesn't matter what grade you attain from the courses. However, Student Finance England (SFE) offers student-friendly loans at competitive prices. Students will get enough flexibility to repay the loan based on their financial circumstances.


What Courses Can You Get A Second Degree Loan For? 

It is a bit of a hassle job to get a loan for a second degree in the UK. However, you can effortlessly get a loan for some specific subjects
compared to others. After all, the Government designates eligible subjects for limited funding approval.

Visit the official government website to learn which subjects you are entitled to get student loans easily. You can check out the Open
University website. It clearly mentions the particular subjects you can get a loan for some specific degrees. Plus, a huge number of students
have an inclination toward STEM subjects, particularly emphasizing the sciences.

Can I Use A Second Degree Loan For Any
Courses Offered Through BHE Uni?​ 

Some of our programs are open to individuals intending to finance studies using a second-degree loan. You will be happy to learn that Student Finance England (SFE) provides financial support to study in the following courses.  

BSc (Honours) Psychology (BPS) 
BSc (Honours) Computing 
BSc (Honours) Computing (Mobile Computing)
BSc (Honours) Computing (Information Management)-Final Year Top-Up 
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