Navigate Passion and Finance with BHE UNI for the Perfect Undergraduate Degree

Getting an appropriate bachelor's or undergraduate degree is important because it must match your passion and help you understand the world deeply. It works as a steppingstone to a quality life and helps you build a solid foundation for your career. If you are wondering how to manage tuition fees and maintenance fees, BHE UNI can help you get enough financial support.


Who Can Apply? 

If you want to get any student loan, you must fill up one of the following criteria:

  • A citizen of the United Kingdom
  • A European Union citizen who can leave for at least five years or as long as he/she wants
  • A non-United Kingdom/European Union individual with permanent residence approval or right to stay as long as he/she wants or owning humanitarian protection/refugee status stays in the UK.
  • A husband or wife of a United Kingdom/European Union citizen
  • Didn’t complete any undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the UK
  • Should be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no maximum age restriction for tuition fee loans.

How Much Can I Get? 

Apart from tuition fee loans, you are entitled to get as high as £20,740 to cover the costs of studying and living in London annually. But students who are living outside London can get up to £18300 annually. 


Adult Dependent's Grant 

If you are bearing the cost of your parents or grandparents, you can get up to £3,667 in
additional financial support. There is no obligation to reimburse.

Parents' Learning Allowance 

If you are a mother or father of one or several children and your kids’ age is below 18, you will get an additional money of up to £2,094. But you won’t get it unless you are a full-time student.
There is no obligation to reimburse this parent learning allowance. It won't be included in your tax credit profiles.

Learn more about parents’ learning allowance from this website:


Childcare Grant

If you are a mother or father of one or several children whose age is below 17 or 15, you can apply for a childcare grant.
A parent with a single child can get up to £206 per week.
A parent with several children can get up to £354 per week.
The core aim of this special childcare grant is to provide special education to children whose age is below 17 or 15.
Parents will get this additional money apart from the regular student loan. There is no obligation to reimburse this grant.

Repaying Your Student Loan

Once you complete your course or discontinue the course before completion, you are entitled to pay a certain amount.

You must follow the repayment threshold, which implies a certain level of income. The present UK limit is £33,332 annually, £2,774 monthly, or £639 weekly.

For instance, if your monthly income is £2900 before tax, you must pay around £11.34 per month. You are earning £126 more than the limit. The interest rate is 9%. So, £11.34 is 9% of £126.

If you are still confused, check out this table to get a better overview of it.

Annual Income Before Tax Monthly Salary Monthly Repayment
Up to £33,332 £2774 £0
£34000 £2833 £5
£35000 £2917 £13
£37000 £3083 £28
£39000 £3250 £43
What if I don’t complete my course?

Even if you don’t complete your educational course, repaying
the loan is mandatory if your annual income is more than £31,384.
It is best to read through the official finance website of the United
Kingdom to learn comprehensive details and prerequisites. 


What if I pause my degree? 

It is completely okay to pause your degree for physical or
personal issues. But your current student status will change. You
won’t get any further to cover your cost of living in the UK as
a student.  

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