6 Months Courses In UK For International Students

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6 Months Courses In UK For International Students

6 Months Courses In UK For International Students

The United Kingdom is well-known for getting 6-month courses. These accelerated, innovative, and cost-effective courses are an excellent choice for getting a fast education on a subject compared to a year-long degree. International students can complete these short and intense courses quickly without compromising the quality of their education.

The UK is a top destination due to its high-quality education system and diverse culture. If you are in search of 6 months courses in UK for international students to choose from, you have arrived at the right place. Keep scrolling!

Popular 6 Month Courses in UK for International Students

Business and Management

Short-term business and management courses can be a perfect choice if you want to pursue entrepreneurial skills and acquire corporate roles.

  • Introduction to Business Administration: This educational course will help you learn the behaviors and leadership skills you need to achieve a company's objectives and goals.
  • Marketing and Communication: If you want to learn core strategies for effective marketing communications and consumer psychology of brand growth, this short-term appears a perfect choice.
  • Project Management: This short-term course is perfect for students who want to learn the specific techniques, skills, and programs to manage projects within an organization and achieve the company's goals.

Technology and Engineering

Short-term courses in technology and engineering can be beneficial for gaining specific skills, staying updated with industry trends, and enhancing your professional profile quickly.

  • Data Science and Analytics: This educational course is specially designed to teach data methods, scientific analysis, and statistics. Students will get in-depth knowledge about data science and learn about relevant industries.
  • Web Development and Design: If you want to acquire fundamental web development skills, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and understand programming languages, this course is a perfect fit.
  • Cybersecurity: Students who want an overview of practical computer security and fundamental security design principles can choose this 6-month course.

Creative Arts and Design

If you want to learn various artistic skills and techniques from beginner to advanced, you can enroll in various short courses leading to good jobs in the UK.

  • Graphic Design: The educational course will guide you in learning various graphic design topics, such as typography, color theory, animation, layout, etc. Also, you will become familiar with different software, such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
  • Photography: If you want to learn the fundamentals of DSLR Photography as well as understand lenses, focal length & shooting, these short courses appear the best fit.
  • Fashion Design: Students who want to grasp the ultimate theoretical and practical knowledge of fashion design in various aspects can enroll in these 6-month courses.

Hospitality and Tourism

People who have the dedication and abilities to handle clients and customers and plan and organize events can enroll in hospitality and tourism courses. If you are searching best courses to study in the UK, then hospitality and tourism would be one of them.

  • Hotel Management: This type of educational course will guide you to learn about food, beverage, finance, and marketing management, as well as front desk management, customer service, and hotel operations.
  • Culinary Arts: If you want to learn basic cooking techniques, food safety, commercial food production, kitchen management, etc., this type of course is the best fit.
  • Event Management: People who want to grasp how to create a detailed event plan as well as a whole host of transferrable skills and experiences can enroll in this type of short-term course.

Language and Culture

If you love to learn various language nuances and cultural practices and foster a better understanding of diverse perspectives and customs, you can enroll in multiple short-term language and culture courses.

  • English Language Proficiency: This type of educational course will help you strengthen your English language skills and increase your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and accent.
  • British Culture and History: If you want to get a brief overview of British literature, history, traditions, music, art, architecture, sports, political system, and social customs, this short course is a perfect fit.
  • Intercultural Communication: People who want to develop intercultural sensitivity, perseverance, and awareness and cultivate intercultural attitudes from a wide range of cultural perspectives can enroll in this course.

Top Universities and Institutions Offering 6-Month Courses

Top Universities and Institutions Offering 6-Month Courses

University of Oxford

This unique and historic institution offers a wide range of 6-month courses both online and offline. They come in various types, such as day and weekend events, weekly, and lecture series. The following are the current available short-term courses:

  • Big Data Epidemiology
  • Technical Team Communication
  • Fundamental Science of Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Creative Writing
  • Advanced Writing Lives, etc.

University of Cambridge

This UK's second-oldest university takes short-term courses in residential and non-residential places. The course is divided into several sessions. Each session lasts for 1.5 hours. The college is currently offering the following 6 months courses:

  • Advanced short story writing
  • Essential Finance
  • Creative writing
  • Law and genetics
  • Instructional Design Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Archaeology

Imperial College London

This world-class university offers a range of short courses, such as business, finance & management, engineering, medicine and healthcare, natural sciences, summer and winter schools, other and collaborating events, etc. The following are some popular 6-month courses.

  • Data Science
  • Business Management
  • Mining project appraisal
  • Nutritional and health management
  • Research skills
  • Nuclear Science
  • Introduction to bioinformatics for cancer research

University College London (UCL)

This non-Anglican institution offers a wide range of short courses in various subjects, such as built environment, crime & security, language & communication, law, research skills & statistics, etc. The following are some common 6-month courses.

  • Behavior Change Interventions
  • Crime Analysis
  • Geographic Profiling Analysis
  • Advanced Adult Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Endodontics
  • Blockchain Executive Education Programme
  • Bioprocess Design and Economic Evaluation

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

This public research university offers various online-based short-term courses on various subjects, such as business, management & leadership, data & statistics, disruptive technology management, accounting & finance, public policy, law & government, etc. The following are the most popular short-term courses:

  • Sustainability: Environment, Economy, and Society
  • Data Science: Text Analysis Using R
  • Digital Transformation in HR
  • Financial Analysis and Management Accounting
  • Real Estate Economics and Finance
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Public Policy Analysis

University of Edinburgh

This King James' College offers short daytime and evening courses in various subjects, such as art & design, international law, medicine & dentistry, textiles and design, media & communication, etc. The following are the most popular short-term courses:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Introduction to Digital Animation
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Jewellery and Silversmithing
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programmes

King's College London

This old and prestigious university offers various short-term courses in different subject areas, such as Arts & Humanities, Business & Management, Dentistry, FutureLearn Online Courses, Life Sciences & Medicine, Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, etc. Here are some of the top courses people enrolled in:

  • King's Product Management Career Accelerator
  • Advanced Clinical Pharmacology
  • Approaches to Cross-Disciplinary Qualitative Health Research
  • Advanced Practice in Cancer Care
  • Anti-corruption and the Rule of Law
  • Principles of Engineering

University of Manchester

This public university offers a wide range of courses in different subjects, such as biology, medicine, & health, law, Egyptology, humanities, social sciences, etc.

  • Advanced Management Achievement
  • Coping with Cyber Risk
  • Digital Marketing Essentials for Leaders
  • Mental Health Law
  • Medical Decision-making: Ethics and Law
  • AI for Healthcare

University of Glasgow

Students have options to choose a wide range of subjects from this major research-led university, such as archaeology, classics, & Egyptology, art & art history, philosophy, literature & film, creative writing, languages, science, psychology, and counseling skills, etc. Here are a few common short-term courses:

  • Virtual reality in psychological research
  • Introduction to short story writing: further practice
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Elementary formal logic: an introduction
  • Cognitive psychology: an introduction
  • Artistic Dress: Fashion, Style and Identity

University of Birmingham

This truly global institution mainly offers three types of short courses: Bootcamps, Microcredentials, and Continuing professional development. There are around 50+ short-term courses available in this college, such as:

  • Basic Semen Analysis
  • Applied Data Science for Learning Environments
  • Analyzing Microbial Genomic Data
  • Clinical Trial Management: Maximizing Effectiveness
  • Design and design thinking
  • Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine
  • MBA Essentials - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Advantages of Pursuing 6-Month Courses in the UK

Advantages of Pursuing 6-Month Courses in the UK

Fast-Track Education and Career Advancement

When it comes to acquiring qualifications within a relatively short period, 6-month courses are an excellent choice. You will achieve your goal quickly through intense training. Plus, short-term courses are an effective choice to develop courses for a new career path

Enhancing Skills and Knowledge In A Specific Field

Enrolling in 6 month courses in UK presents an excellent opportunity to address knowledge gaps, acquire fresh skills in a specific field, and enhance your overall performance.

Cultural Immersion and International Exposure

Getting 6 months of courses in UK universities can help you become familiar with new cultures of the world. You will learn their traditions, practices, arts, and how to interact with others.

Opportunities for Networking and Building Connections

Short-term courses give you a scope for networking by meeting new professionals. They can guide you on how to attain a variety of personal and professional goals as well as improve job performance.

Possibility of Extending Studies or Transitioning to a Longer Program

Enrolling in 6 months certificate courses in UK for international students can be beneficial to get the basic knowledge required to enter the field. Then, you can decide whether to go for a longer program or not.   

Admission Requirements and Application Process

English Language Proficiency

International students need a minimum of 6.0 score for IELTS and 87 for TOEFL to study in the UK.

Academic Qualifications

If you want to enroll in a short course in the UK, you need a minimum academic qualification of 12th grade, which is the twelfth year of formal or compulsory education.

Visa Requirements and Procedures

Students must get a Short-term Study or a Standard Visitor visa to study in the UK for six months. You can stay for up to 11 months to join an English language course.

Application Deadlines and Documents

Students must follow the deadlines schedule to apply for 6 months of certificate courses in the UK for international students.

  • September Intake Course: June to July
  • January Intake Course: June to September

If you want to enroll in a short-term UK course, submitting the documents below is crucial.

  • An unexpired valid passport
  • Financial Proof
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Proof of Tuition Payment
  • Proof of enrolled course
  • Proof of Legal Residency

Scholarships and Financial Aid Options

Scholarships and Financial Aid Options

Government Scholarships for International Students

International students can get a wide range of government scholarships to study short-term courses in the UK, such as the Commonwealth scholarship, Studyportals Scholarship, and GREAT Scholarships. But meeting the strict criteria is crucial.

University-specific Scholarships and Grants

UK universities provide a wide range of Scholarships and Grants, such as Chevening Scholarships, Fulbright scholarships, Rhodes Scholarships, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, etc.

External Funding Opportunities

International students can get external funding from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). Besides, Grant-giving trusts and foundations and Research Councils provide funding to study in the UK.

Part-time Work and Internships

You can do various part-time jobs in the UK, such as retail assistant, customer service representative, receptionist, data entry clerk, library assistant, dog walker, product tester, etc.

Student Support Services

International Student Orientation Programs

New students can get a wide range of support to start their short course successfully in the UK.

Accommodation Options and Assistance

UK universities can help international students stay in various accommodation options, such as halls of residence, private halls of residence, private renting, etc.

Career Counselling and Job Placement Service

International students will get free career counseling services to find and pursue their career goals. Besides, you will get job placement services to build academic expertise and gain real-world experience.

Student Societies and Cultural Events

UK universities have a wide range of clubs and societies in various aspects, such as poetry, politics, aerobics, astronomy, music, media, dance, etc.

Health and Well-Being Support

International students will get various types of health and well-being support from their UK university, such as student welfare officers, students' unions, Private healthcare insurance, etc.


Short-term courses can be a turning point in your career if you want to refresh or brush up on skills in a specific area. Thousands of 6 months courses in UK for international students are available. Before choosing a particular short-term course, ensure it aligns with your career goal. Also, you don't want to overlook accreditation, teaching quality, available resources, and potential for practical experience.

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