UKVI Approved Banks in Bangladesh

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UKVI Approved Banks in Bangladesh 2024

UKVI Approved Banks in Bangladesh 2024

Are you applying for a UK visa from Bangladesh? Then you must know about the UKVI approved banks in Bangladesh. UKVI is the UK Visa and Immigration, a department of the UK's Home Office responsible for managing visa applications. Using a UKVI-approved bank is crucial for an applicant as it streamlines the process and helps you quickly get a visa. Let’s dig a little deeper.

UKVI Approved Banks in Bangladesh

There are several UKVI-approved banks in Bangladesh that visa applicants can use for issuing financial statements. The UK Visa and Immigration Authority assesses and approves banks that meet several financial stability criteria, including compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, specific service criteria, and a strong customer support.

If you plan to apply for a UK visa from Bangladesh, you must use a UKVI-approved bank so that the visa authority can verify your financial documents, such as your bank statements. This way, UKVI can be sure about the authenticity of the documents and that you have enough money in your bank to support your stay in the UK.

List of UKVI approved banks in Bangladesh                                               

Following is the UKVI approved bank list in Bangladesh as of August 2023:

  • AB Bank Limited
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • The City Bank Limited
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • IFIC Bank Limited
  • National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
  • Southeast Bank Limited
  • One Bank Limited
  • Mutual Trust Bank Ltd
  • BRAC Bank Ltd
  • First Security Islami Bank Ltd
  • Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Citi Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd
  • The HSBC Corporation Ltd
  • Dhaka Bank Limited
  • Premier Bank Limited
  • Prime Bank Limited
  • Pubali Bank Limited
  • Standard Bank Limited
  • Trust Bank Limited
  • Woori Bank Limited

Criteria for Becoming A UKVI Approved Bank

Banks must fulfill several criteria to get UKVI approval. They can depend on several factors, but here are some common ones:

  • The bank must be a licensed commercial bank in Bangladesh.
  • It must have a good reputation and financial standing.
  • A credible track record of providing accurate and reliable financial information.
  • The banks should meet a minimum level of financial stability requirements, such as always having a minimum capital adequacy.
  • Total compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.
  • It should be able to provide adequate customer support services to its customers.
  • The bank must be willing to cooperate with the UKVI assessment and approval processes.

Benefits of Using a UKVI Approved Bank

Benefits of Using a UKVI Approved Bank

Assurance of Meeting Financial Requirements for Visa Applications

Every UKVI approved bank in Bangladesh is required to meet specific standards while issuing financial statements. It means approved banks will meet all the criteria set by the UKVI in issuing bank statements. So, when you provide bank statements and other financial documents from these banks, the UK Visa and Immigration authority will have confidence in these documents.

They will consider these documents accurate and reliable. Plus, you can confidently demonstrate that you have enough money to support yourself while staying in the United Kingdom.

Streamlined Visa Application Process

You'll need UKVI approved banks for issuing financial statements for visa applications. That is because the UKVI authority can rely on any financial documents from these banks. It can help streamline the UK visa application process as banks are able to provide the required information quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, since the UKVI authority has confidence in documents from these approved banks, they can quickly assess the documents and approve a visa without further investigation. It also speeds up the process.

Enhanced Credibility and Trustworthiness

Using a UKVI-approved bank to submit financial documents with your UK visa application will enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the application. That is because the UKVI has already vetted these banks and approved them for meeting its standards of issuing bank statements.

As a result, the visa officers will have confidence in your papers and financial documents. They will consider you financially responsible and likely to succeed in the UK. So, your chances of getting a UK visa will increase.

How to Choose a UKVI Approved Bank

How to Choose a UKVI Approved Bank

Choosing a UKVI listed bank in Bangladesh is a challenging but critical element in the UK visa application process. You can select a bank in several steps. Here's how you can pick the right bank for your visa application process approved by the UKVI:

Consideration of Personal Banking Needs

The first step in choosing the right bank is knowing your personal banking needs. You have to think about your most important banking requirements. Do you need a bank that has many branches and ATMs? Do you need one that offers online and mobile banking?

Do you need your bank to have international money transfers? These are the questions you ask while choosing a bank. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can narrow them down.

Researching Bank Services and Fees

Once you have narrowed down several banks, you will have several banks in your mind. Now it’s time for you to research their available services and fees. This can include account opening fees, monthly maintenance fees, ATM card fees, and international money transfer fees.

You must compare the interest rates on savings accounts and loans of different banks to get a clear picture. Also, look into the available services of each bank and the ease of getting those services.

Evaluating Convenience and Accessibility

Now it's time to evaluate the convenience and accessibility of the banks you have in your hands. The first thing you must consider here is the amount of branches and ATMs all these banks have. You would want to choose a bank that has many branches and ATMs.

Then, you have to see how accessible the branches and ATMs are from your location. It would be better for you to choose a bank with branch and ATM near your location. There are several other factors as well that you can consider as filters, such as the availability of online and mobile banking and hours of operation. 

Seeking Recommendations and Reviews

Finally, you can seek recommendations and reviews from people to choose the bank that suits your needs and convenience. It can be your family members, friends, colleagues, or someone you trust.

You can also get help from your known banking professionals, as it'll be an excellent way to get an insider's perspective on different banks. Also, check online reviews of services in these banks and choose one that seems perfect for you.

Additional Considerations

Additional Considerations

Possible Changes in UKVI Regulations and Impact on Bank Selection

The UKVI constantly updates its rules and regulations, so you must stay updated on the latest changes. Following are some of the possible regulation changes that can affect your bank selection decision:

  • Changes in the list of approved banks for UK visas in Bangladesh.
  • Changes to the requirements for bank statements or other financial documents.
  • Changes to the fees charged by the banks.
  • Changes to the process of banks for international money transfer.

Tips for Smooth Financial Transactions with a UKVI Approved Bank

Here are some pro tips for smooth financial transactions with a UKVI-approved bank in Bangladesh:

  • Open your account to an approved bank familiar with the UKVI requirements and regulations.
  • Make sure you have a good understanding of the fees and interest rates of the bank.
  • Always keep good records of your financial transactions.
  • Stay updated on the latest UKVI regulations.
  • Never share your online banking or ATM card password with anyone.
  • If you have any queries or face problems, contact your bank immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of using a UKVI approved bank for visa applications?

Using a UKVI-approved bank for visa application will help you to ensure that your visa application for the UK goes smoothly and that you have a better chance of getting approved. It will streamline the whole visa application and approval process.

How can I verify if a bank in Bangladesh is UKVI approved?

The best way to verify if a bank in Bangladesh is UKVI approved is to check the UKVI website. There, you will get the updated UKVI bank list for Bangladesh.

Can I use any bank account to meet the financial requirements for a UK visa application?

No, you cannot just use any bank and expect to meet the financial requirements for a UK visa application. It must be a UKVI-approved bank.

Are there any specific documents or proof required from a UKVI approved bank?

You must submit specific documents with your UK visa application from a UKVI approved bank. They can include bank statements, letters from the bank, certificates of deposit, or investment statements.

What happens if my chosen bank loses its UKVI approved status?

If your chosen bank loses its UKVI approval, it means the UKVI no longer considers the bank to be meeting the standard. In that case, you must switch your bank and open an account with a different UKVI-approved bank.


A UKVI-approved bank is crucial for visa application for the UK as it can provide accurate and reliable financial information that visa officers can use to assess your financial circumstances. So, you must choose one from the UKVI approved banks in Bangladesh if you want a smooth and hassle-free visa application.

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