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Evergreen College is no exception; every program abides by government standards to ensure our programs are on par with any other Canadian institution. Choosing Evergreen College is choosing the Canadian reputation for quality. Schools like Evergreen College are also affordable, especially compared to U.S. and United Kingdom schools. In keeping with the Canadian mentality of ensuring equal accessibility, tuition costs have been kept relatively low, including the price for international students. Want proof? Compare the price of any of Evergreen College’s programs to comparable programs offered by Colleges in the United States. The national and city governments have also invested a lot in community facilities. For example, all major Canadian cities have extensive networks of public libraries that are free and open to the public. A massive collection of books, free internet, and places to study; there is always a public library nearby to support your studies.

All Campuses Toronto, Ontario
Website www.evergreencollege.com/en/
Monthly Living Cost $1,200 – $1,400
Funds Requirements for Visa N/A
Application Fees $500
Currency CAD
Is Lang Mendatory Yes
Part Time Work Details 20 hours per week
  • Times Higher Education World Education Rankings: 301 – 350
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject: 501 – 550
  • UK University League Table: 114th
  • The Guardian University Rankings: 109th
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Scholarships, Bursaries, and Funding

Students at This University can apply for various scholarship schemes offered by the university, the UK government, and other organizations.

Here are some of the most popular scholarships at Evergreen College:

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Student Accommodation

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Off-Campus Student Accommodations

For students that may prefer a private student accommodation option, the university authority would be able to help them find a suitable place.

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