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“Education is the key to Success”. As Nelson Mandelaconcluded, “Education is the key to moving forward in anysociety” and “the most powerful weapon which you can use tochange the world”.


To achieve your dream, you must have aprecise goal in your life and Higher Education is the tool thatenhances a student’s personal and professional skills as well ashis knowledge.

BHE UNI is helping students formore than a decade to find out the right paths for their highereducation journey.

Our amazing team will ensure that there isno gap between higher education institutions and prospectivestudents due to our long-standing relationships andexperience. If you want to ‘unlock your golden door offreedom’ as George Washington Carver believed, education isthe answer!

Dr. Mohammad Shafiq

DBA (NUN), MSc (LSBU), BA (UCLAN) & BTVM (CPD), Uni of Oxford, DM(S), UoL

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