Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA

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Top 55 Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA: Detailed Overview

Top 55 Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA: Detailed Overview

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online English proficiency exam designed to assess the language skills of non-native English speakers. Duolingo test has gained popularity as an affordable alternative to traditional language proficiency exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. Today, we will discover the Duolingo accepted universities in USA.

Understanding the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online language proficiency exam used to evaluate a person's English language skills. It estimates the reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities of a test-taker in real time.

This test is cost-effective, accessible from anywhere, and provides quick results within 48 hours. Many educational institutions accept it as a valid measure of English proficiency. The test offers a flexible and efficient way for individuals to showcase their language skills for academic, employment, or visa-related purposes.

Comparison with other English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL)

The Duolingo English Test differs from other English proficiency tests such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) in several ways:


Duolingo English Test (DET)



Test format

Online, adaptive

Paper-based or computer-based



Approx. 60 minutes

2 hours 45 minutes

4 hours (Reading: 60 min, Listening: 41 min, Speaking: 20 min, Writing: 50 min)

Skills tested

Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Test components

Multiple choice, open-ended writing, video interview

Reading, writing, listening, speaking (including an independent speaking task)

Reading, listening, speaking, writing (including an integrated writing task)


Scale of 10-160 with sub-scores for each skill

Band score of 0-9 for each skill and an overall band score

Score of 0-30 for each skill and an overall score of 0-120


$49 USD

$215 - $285 USD

$230 - $250 USD

Results turnaround

2 days

13 days

6-8 days


Take from anywhere with a computer, camera, and microphone

Requires traveling to a test center

Requires traveling to a test center


2 years

2 years

2 years


Basic and real-world English communication

Academic and general English proficiency

Academic and general English proficiency


Benefits of the Duolingo English Test (DET)

Benefits of the Duolingo English Test (DET)

Online and anytime: Complete the test from anywhere with a computer, microphone, and webcam. You don't have to go to an examination facility.

Flexible scheduling: Schedule the test at your convenience 24/7.

Fast results: Receive your results within two business days.

Cost-effectiveness: Significantly cheaper than other major English proficiency tests like TOEFL or IELTS.

AI Scoring: The Duolingo English Test utilizes artificial intelligence for scoring. This guarantees the review process's fairness and consistency.

Global Recognition: Many educational institutions, employers, and immigration agencies worldwide recognize the Duolingo English Test as a valid measure of English language proficiency.

Two-Year Validity: The test results are valid for two years, offering a reasonable timeframe for individuals to use their scores for various applications.

Video interview: Demonstrates your spoken English fluency and ability to express yourself in real time.

Adaptive format: Personalized test experience as the difficulty adjusts based on your performance.

Widely accepted: Over 4,000 universities and institutions around the world accept the DET.

Transparency: The official score report provides detailed sub-scores for each skill.

Is Duolingo Accepted in USA Universities?

Now you might have a question how many universities accept Duolingo in USA? Yes, the good news is over 1700 universities and institutions in the USA now accept the DET. This number is steadily growing.

While not all universities accept the DET, it is particularly embraced by public universities, community colleges, and smaller private institutions. Some prestigious universities, like Stanford, Yale, and MIT, also accept the DET, although they might require higher score thresholds.

Top 10 US Universities Accepting Duolingo Test Scores

Top 10 US Universities Accepting Duolingo Test Scores

The minimum score required for US universities that accept Duolingo applications varies based on the university and program you are applying to. Universities typically accept scores between 100 and 120.

To get admitted to prestigious colleges and professional programs such as MBA, MS in Data Science, Finance, Masters in Civil Engineering, etc., applicants must score higher than 120.

You need a minimum Duolingo score of 100 to be admitted to the best institutes. If your score falls between 80 and 90, you can still get into some prestigious colleges. But your options will be limited, and courses will be less competitive. Let's find out the top 10 universities that accept the Duolingo tests in the USA. We have also compared IELTS and Duolingo as well as the TOEFL test’s minimum requirements of these universities.


University Name

Duolingo acceptance (Score)

IELTS Acceptance (Score)

TOEFL acceptance (Score)

1. Stanford University




2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)




3. Columbia University




4. University of California - Berkeley




5. New York University (NYU)




6. Northeastern University




7. University of Washington




8. Yale University




9. Duke University




10. University of Pennsylvania





Besides these, several other well-reputed universities in the United States accept the Duolingo English Test. The below universities are listed based on popularity. 

45 Most Popular Duolingo Accepting Universities in USA

1. Indiana University

16. Iowa State University

31. Kent State University

2. Marshall University

17. Northern Illinois University

32. Northwestern University - Medill School

3. Regis University

18. Rice University

33. San Jose State University

4. Seattle Pacific University

19. Southeastern University

34. Temple University Fox School of Business

5. Texas A&M University – Kingsville

20. The University of Chicago

35. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

6. Arizona State University

21. Atlanta University of Health Sciences

36. Auburn University

7. Boston College

22. Boston University

37. California Polytechnic State University

8. California State University

23. California State University, Northridge

38. California State University Long Beach

9. California University of Pennsylvania

24. Carnegie Mellon University

39. Clark University

10. George Mason University

25. Harvard Medical School

40. Illinois Institute of Technology

11. University of Alabama

26. University of Cincinnati

41. University of Colorado

12. University of Houston – Victoria (UHV)

27. University of Kansas

42. University of Kentucky

13. University of Maryland Global Campus

28. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

43. University of Nevada Las Vegas - Boyd School of Law

14. The University of Oklahoma

29. University of Pittsburgh

44. The University of Scranton

15. University of Vermont

30. University of West Florida

45. Washington University in St. Louis - Brown School


Hopefully, this list may help you to select the suitable university from this Duolingo accepted universities list in the USA and start your higher education to achieve career success. 

Duolingo Test Preparation

Duolingo Test Preparation

Tips and Strategies

Understand the Test Format: Familiarize yourself with the test structure, sections, and types of questions. The Duolingo English Test consists of speaking, writing, listening, and reading sections, assessing various language skills.

Create a Study Schedule: Dedicate regular study sessions to each section of the test. Put more time in the areas where you lack confidence.

Practice Regularly: Language proficiency requires constant practice. Set aside time each day for language practice using various resources.

Develop Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases regularly. Use flashcards, language apps, or online resources to reinforce vocabulary acquisition.

Stay Calm and Focused: On test day, keep calm and concentrate. Manage your time wisely and read instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  

Recommended Study Materials and Resources

Duolingo English Test Official Website: Access practice tests, sample questions, and other resources directly from the official Duolingo English Test website.

Language Learning Apps: Use apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Rosetta Stone to practice grammar, vocabulary, and language skills interactively.

Textbooks and Workbooks: Utilize English language textbooks and workbooks that cover grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension exercises.

Online Courses: Enroll in online English courses offered by platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or Khan Academy to supplement your study materials.

English Language Websites: Explore websites like BBC Learning English, ESL Gold, or EnglishClub for grammar lessons, vocabulary exercises, and practice tests.

Things that Need Practices

Review and Analyze Mistakes: After completing practice tests or exercises, review your mistakes to understand why you got them wrong and learn from them.

Practice Speaking Aloud: Practice speaking English aloud to improve pronunciation, fluency, and confidence. Once you have recorded your speech, play it back to yourself to see where you might improve.

Improve Listening Skills: Listen to English podcasts or engage in conversations with native speakers to improve your listening comprehension skills.

How to Take the Duolingo English Test

How to Take the Duolingo English Test

Taking the Duolingo English Test (DET) involves several steps, including registration, understanding the test format ensuring minimum technical requirements. Here's a detailed guide on how to take the Duolingo English Test:

Registration Process for the Duolingo English Test 

  • Create an Account: Visit the official Duolingo English Test website and create an account using your email address or sign in with an existing Duolingo account.
  • Schedule the Test: After creating an account, schedule your test session by selecting a date and time that is convenient for you. The test can be taken online at any time, as it is available 24/7.
  • Pay the Fee: Pay the test fee using a credit/debit card or other accepted payment methods. The fee may vary depending on your location and any promotional offers available at the time of registration.
  • Check Confirmation: Once you've successfully registered and paid for the test, you'll receive a confirmation email with details about your test session, including the date, time, and instructions for accessing the test.

Test Format and Structure

The Duolingo English Test is an online proficiency exam designed to assess English language skills for academic and professional purposes. The Duolingo English Test mainly consists of four main sections:

  • Speaking: In this section, you'll be prompted to respond to various spoken prompts, such as describing images, expressing opinions, or answering questions.
  • Writing: You'll need to write responses to prompts or essays within a given time frame. This section evaluates your writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and coherence.
  • Listening: You'll listen to recordings of conversations, lectures, or interviews and answer questions based on the audio content. This section assesses your listening comprehension skills.
  • Reading: You'll read passages on different topics and answer comprehension questions to demonstrate your understanding of the text. This section evaluates reading comprehension, vocabulary, and inference skills.

Each section of the test is adaptive, meaning the difficulty level adjusts based on your responses, ensuring a personalized assessment experience.

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Technical Requirements for Taking the Test

Before taking the Duolingo English Test, ensure that you meet the following technical requirements:

Device: You can take the test on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Browser: Use a supported web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, with the latest version installed.

Operating System: The test is compatible with Windows, macOS, and some Linux distributions.

Camera and Microphone: Ensure your device has a functioning camera and microphone for the speaking section, as you'll need to record your responses.

System Requirements: Your device should meet the minimum system requirements specified by Duolingo to ensure smooth performance during the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duolingo accepted by universities in the USA?

Yes, Duolingo is accepted by universities in the USA as an alternative to traditional language proficiency exams.

How long is the Duolingo English Test score valid?

The Duolingo English Test score is valid for two years from the date of the test.

Is the Duolingo exam accepted in the USA for visa application?

The acceptance of the Duolingo English Test (DET) for visa applications in the USA varies depending on the specific visa type.

How many universities in the USA accept the Duolingo English Test?

Over 1700 universities and institutions in the USA now accept the Duolingo English Test.

What is the Duolingo English Test scoring system?

Duolingo English Test scoring system is reported as a holistic score on a scale of 160 in 5-point increments.

How much time would it take me to finish the Duolingo test and can I retake it?

The entire Duolingo English Test takes approximately one hour to complete, and yes, you can retake it.

Which is better IELTS or Duolingo?

The choice between IELTS and Duolingo depends on individual preferences and requirements. Both are widely accepted, but IELTS is more established.


Now that we've identified the Duolingo Accepted Universities in USA, it's evident that the Duolingo English Test provides a convenient and accessible option for international students. These universities recognize the importance of offering accessible pathways for international students to showcase their English proficiency. The significant benefits of using Duolingo as an English proficiency assessment for studying in the USA are noteworthy.

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